{ Introduction to Lando from CMS Philly 2020 }

Here is the recording of my Introduction to Lando session from CMS Philly 2020!

If you've heard of Lando or Docker, but are not sure where or how to get started then this session is for you. Enjoy!

{ Backdrop Drush Extension ~ 1.2.0 Release }

Pleased to announce the release of the Backdrop Drush Extension 1.2.0!

I have not posted release blog posts before, so let me introduce the action leading up to 1.0.0 stable and since.

0.x Releases

Leading up to 1.0 we got a bootclass to bootstrap backdrop sites. Many of our favourite commands like cc all, cron, and many others. Take a look at the README.md in the Backdrop Drush project for a more comprehensive list of commands. A great deal of work and collaboration went into getting stable downloads,enabling, and disabling of modules.

drush dl {MOUDLE_NAME(S)}
drush en {MOUDLE_NAME(S)}
drush dis {MOUDLE_NAME(S)}


In 1.0 we got testing infrastructure and Travis CI running coding standards and unit tests against all commits and PRs. This of course gave the confidence for a stable release. Features that landed in 1.0 are pm-uninstall and user-create: